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ANSYS Quick Start Sessions

ANSYS Quick Start
Jump start your ANSYS experience with these short and informative sessions.

Please note that due to export controls, these sessions are limited to North America only.

Accelerate your use of ANSYS software with ANSYS Quick Start sessions.

These 3-4 hour introductory sessions demonstrate engineering problem-solving via ANSYS. Included are technical videos and hands-on workshops that allow you to apply the lessons right away. Access to ANSYS software is provided by our SimuCloud computers, so a local ANSYS license is not required.

To participate, select one of our upcoming sessions for more information and registration.

FEA (ANSYS Workbench Mechanical) – February 7

CFD (ANSYS FLUENT) – check back later

LF Electromagnetics (ANSYS Maxwell) - February 14

HF Electromagnetics (ANSYS HFSS) - January 31

Access to our Quick Start material is also available 24/7 on SimuTrain.