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Strain Gage Measurements

strain gage installationStrain gage measurement provides a means to determine the strain, stress, and load on machinery components. Strain gages may be used to measure static strain due to relatively constant loads such as pressure or thermal expansion. Strain gages may also be used to measure dynamic strain due to impact events or vibration. With adequate protection, strain gages may be used in harsh environments including elevated temperatures, high EMI, and immersion in sea water. Strain measurements are applicable to a wide variety of structures including electronics, aircraft, turbomachinery, piping, automotive components, and industrial equipment. Information from strain gage measurements is useful for validation of finite element models (FEM), establishing more accurate operating loads, and failure investigations. SimuTech performs strain gage measurement both in its laboratory and on-site at customer facilities.

For applications in harsh environments such as immersion in sea water, hot oil, or high velocity steam, SimuTech uses a variety of protective coatings to encapsulate strain gages and lead wires. SimuTech provides field and in-situ strain gage installation services on parts and equipment that are more conveniently instrumented on-site.

Strain Gage Testing Services

SimuTech’s strain gage test services include NIST traceable calibration, signal conditioning, data acquisition, and signal processing. Before collecting data, the signals are zero balanced and shunt calibrated using signal conditioners with NIST traceable calibration. Data acquisition capabilities include static strain measurements due to steady state or thermal loads, and dynamic strain due to vibration. In addition to measuring strain in static parts, SimuTech also has extensive experience measuring strain in rotating parts such as rotors and turbine blades using radio telemetry or slip rings. Telemetry tests are often used to measure the torque on a shaft or vibration of turbine blades. SimuTech provides field testing and in-situ measurements for parts and equipment that are more conveniently tested on-site.

SimuTech has extensive experience with strain gage testing of a wide variety of structures including steam turbine blades, aerospace shaft couplings, cranes, and turbine generator rotors. Recent strain gage measurement applications include automotive radiators, heat exchangers, bearing housings, and a medical IV pump.

Strain gage measurements provide a means to determine the strain, stress, and load on machinery components. SimuTech’s team of test engineers has extensive experience in strain gage and telemetry measurements on a wide variety of machinery components and structures. Strain gage measurements provide information for validation of finite element models (FEM), establishing safe operating loads, and failure investigations. Strain gages are suitable for high temperature and harsh environments. SimuTech’s services include selection of gage size and type, specification of gage locations and orientations, strain gage installation, recommendations for bonding methods, and development of practical strategies for dealing with lead wire paths, connection terminals, clearances and gage environmental protection, data acquisition and analysis. Recent strain measurement applications include heat exchangers, composite materials for space structures, and a robotic arm.

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