Lend a Hand Training Program

The “Lend a Hand” program is for recently displaced or unemployed engineers that wish to improve their engineering skill set by becoming proficient with ANSYS simulation software and thus making themselves more marketable in these difficult and uncertain economic times.

What people are saying about our "Lend a Hand" program:

"It was a great training course [CFX] and I did get a lot from it.  I really appreciate all your kindly help and please forward my hearty thanks to the management team and all staff of SimuTech Group for launching so wonderful a program! Thanks again"

Joe, "Lend a Hand" student for CFX training

Overview of the “Lend a Hand” Program:

  • Cost: FREE  (includes training material and lunches)
  • Training classes will be conducted at all SimuTech Group training facilities in North America
  • All ANSYS training classes (ANSYS, CFX, FLUENT, ICEM, etc.) listed on the SimuTech Group training website, qualify for “Lend a Hand” program.
  • Each SimuTech Group office will determine those applicants that qualify for and are admitted to a “Lend a Hand” class. See below for qualification details for more details.
  • All “Lend a Hand” students will receive a certificate of completion after the successful completion of their training

For consideration for the “Lend a Hand” program, you must:

  • Be a recently displaced or unemployed engineer, with at least a BS degree in engineering or a related technical field
  • Review the list of training classes on the SimuTech Group website to determine which particular class and the date you wish to attend. DO NOT REGISTER for a class using the website registration procedure via the regular training classes.
  • Complete the on-line form, including an attachment of your resume for the appropriate office.

Lend a Hand Registration

Applications will only be accepted through the online form; no emails or phone calls please. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your application has been received.

About two weeks before the scheduled class, you will be notified by e-mail only if you have been accepted to attend a training class.

SimuTech Group has the right to modify, change and or discontinue the “Lends a Hand” offering without penalty or notice.

More attendee testimonials below:

"Just wanted to again say "THANK YOU" to you and the others at SimuTech for allowing me to participate in the LEND-A-HAND PROGRAM. The quality of the ANSYS software and the instruction was beyond words. Without question, it is definitely worth the retail price that is being charged. In addition, your staff is both very knowledgeable and friendly at the same time.

I really hope that this program allows SimuTech to gain the market share and positive customer experience that can help it thrive while the competition struggles to survive. I will continue to let others know on LinkedIn of the quality of your instruction, and I wish your company success for many years to come.

Thanks again very much!"

Jeff, Member of ANSYS Users Group at LinkedIn

"I am very lucky and honored to be a part of the Lend-a-Hand program. SimuTech Group has helped me learn the CFX software in a friendly and enjoyable environment. The knowledge I've learned here, as well as the reciprocal and social spirit will play a large role in my future work. I am very appreciative of this opportunity, and look forward to using this software for my work."

Dale, "Lend a Hand" student for CFX training