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Simulation Software & Services for Water & Waste Management

Water and Waste Management

free surface hieghts at gate smallANSYS FEA and CFD engineering analysis software has been used in the water and waste management industry for the design of new projects as well as design modifications, studies and validations.

FEA analyses include sesimic studies of numerous existing dam structures throughout North America to ensure that the dams are structurally sound.

CFD analyses include proposed designed changes to an existing wastewater facility that would include baffles and an air injection system to help improve grit particle removal.

Learn how SimuTech CFD consulting services and ANSYS software helped Burgess & Niples save $70,000 in costs on a recent project for the Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cleveland, OH. Water & Waste Digest article: pdfFine-tuning Wastewater Treatment(123k)

six channel flow small
Wastewater facility
vectors small
Flow vectors in one channel
large grit 194 mgd small
Tracking of grit particles