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Simulation Software & Services for Industrial Products

Industrial Products

Seal Pressure PenetrationANSYS FEA and CFD engineering analysis software has been widely used in all industrial product design applications.

SimuTech Group has performed several projects over the past 30 years for the general “Industrial Products” industry.

In addition to simulation software and services, SimuTech is a leader in vibration diagnostics to the industrial products industry.

Below is a brief collection of projects:

  • Multi-phase practical tracking/transport studies on particulate contamination
  • Transient free surface models of pharmaceutical mixing tanks, rotating impeller
  • Dynamic snap-load lifting mechanism connector for submarine
  • Composite analysis of large FRP liners for exhaust gas mesh/grid efficiency study for compressor/ impeller for supersonic flow
  • Molten iron mixing with supersonic CO2 and O2 inlets
  • CFD and structural rotordynamic simulation of high speed pulp processing equipment
  • Structural analysis for mass storage retrieval, complex plastic assembly of gears, extensive frictional contact
  • Dynamic frictional compression analysis of copier rollers, large number of metal and plastic parts in contact
  • FSI simulation of paper quality measurement equipment under dynamic operating conditions
  • Air flow and combustion simulation of natural gas convection heater

Please note that most of our consulting contracts are covered by non-disclosure agreements so this is only a partially listing of the work our technical staff has done in this industry.