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SimuCloud™ - FEA & CFD Cloud Computing

SimuTech Group now offers SimuCloud™ on-demand access to unlimited, public cloud-computing servers for FEA and CFD simulations:

256-bit encryption 16-core Sandy Bridge
Graphical remote access 10GBit interconnect
HPC (High Performance Computing) SSD (Solid State Drive)
60GB RAM Buy from us or bring your own license

  SimuCloud™ gives you…
Agility Agility – Scale out your FEA and CFD computing infrastructure from 1-1000+ cores within minutes.
Economics Economics - Stop buying hardware for occasional peak usage. Purchase engineering simulation software and hardware on a variable, “pay for usage” basis.
Risk Mitigation Risk Mitigation – Minimize potential engineering downtime by planning for emergency computing capacity.
Security Security – Encrypt and secure all data in-flight and at-rest with multiple layers of industry-standard security.

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SimuCloud™ is a trade mark of SimuTech Group.