SimuTech Skills Development & Gap Training

Skills Development & Gap Training


SimuTech Group is offering two new concept courses for advanced ANSYS training: Gap Training and Skills Development Training. These courses are designed to elevate the daily use of ANSYS FEA and CFD software to the highest possible level. 

The cost of training is significant.  ANSYS Brake Squeal Deformation
The cost of not training is more significant.

GAP Training: 3-5 day training class comprised of a custom collection of "Off The Shelf" training material drawn from multiple commercial training courses. The objective is to "fill" any technology GAPS that exist in your typical ANSYS users' capabilities. 

Skills Development Training: complements the GAP training by taking what was learned in the classroom and applying it to the analyst's daily workload.  Learning how to use a new tool in a classroom setting does not train analysts how to use it in solving their real world engineering problems.  It is the Skills Development Training that leads to the ROI on any training investment.

The rate of change in FEA and CFD technology is becoming exponential. ANSYS is acquiring technology through acquisitions as well as advanced in-house development. This is evidenced by a major software release on an annual basis that results in a new tool that must be studied to take full advantage of its ever growing capabilities.  With this accelerated rate of change, the GAP between what an analyst is trained to do and what the software is capable of doing, is growing at an accelerated rate as well.  The net result is a growing group of analysts whose skills lag behind the current technology and processes.
FSI Hawk Missile

Whether you are an analyst or managing a group of analysts, any discussion on the need for or the value of training should include the following:

  • What is the true cost of struggling with a new analysis when compared to the one-time cost of training (both GAP and Skills Development)?
  • How likely is it that an analyst can get an analysis done in a pre-determined length of time and, in addition, learn a new, more efficient way of doing it using a new or modified set of tools?     
  • If there has not been a significant change (during the previous several years) in the way a numerical analysis is being approached, then to a very high probability, the analysis process is out-dated and therefore very likely, sub optimal. 
  • Utilizing GAP and Skills Development Training provides a significant ROI by investing in what is needed to apply the latest technological advancements already available with your existing annual software maintenance (TECS).

To find out how you can take advantage of this new paradigm in training, please contact your local SimuTech Office.