Rotating Telemetry Measurements

Rotating Telemetry 1

Radio telemetry is a technique for collecting data from sensors on rotating machinery components.

Signals from sensors such as accelerometers, strain gages, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and pressure sensors may be transmitted by radio telemetry from a rotating shaft to a stationary data acquisition system.

Telemetry is often used to measure shaft torque, shaft bending strain, torsional vibration, and turbine blade vibration. SimuTech has experience using telemetry in hostile environments including the flow path of a steam turbine, submersed in sea water, and under centripetal acceleration up to 8000 g’s.  




Rotating Telemetry 2Telemetry Capabilities:

  • Verify analytical models
  • Torsion and lateral testing
  • Establish safe operating loads
  • Torsional natural frequency measurement
  • Turbine blade flutter detection