SimuTech Support

SimuTech Support

kam rajesh supportSimuTech Support® provides best-in-class "technical support" for all of our engineering simulation software customers.

In reviewing what most CAD and CAE providers consider as "technical support", SimuTech realized that the level of "technical support" we provide our FEA and CFD customers far exceeds the industry standard. To distinguish this higher level, SimuTech has formalized its model with SimuTech Support.

SimuTech has always placed a high emphasis on customer service. To refer to the level of support provided to our customers as simply 'technical support', is an injustice to our highly experienced engineering staff as well as our customer base. Instead of answering a customer's support question, our engineers strive to understand the complete picture surrounding the question. As most engineers know, FEA and CFD models can be complex. We often find that customers are headed down an inappropriate path when constructing a model. By just answering questions as stated, we might give the correct answer but that it does not really solve the root issue, which is our ultimate goal.

SimuTech Support addresses two key issues that are often lacking in supporting FEA and CFD tools:

  1. Most CAE vendors view "technical support" as a cost sink and encourage their staff to "close out" calls as fast as possible. The support agent is incented to give a quick answer, which does not ensure the correct resolution to the customer's core issue.
  2. To minimize costs, vendors may also use junior staff for support. They may be trained to use the software interface, but the lack of practical experience does not allow them to fully understand any associated engineering aspects. Given that technical judgment plays a key role in resolving support issues, it is imperative that the engineering aspects always be considered.

The SimuTech Support model addresses both of these issues and is a commitment to our customers in providing the best level of support possible.


SimuTech Support is a registered service mark of SimuTech Group.