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Here at SimuTech Group we are proud to showcase SimuTech Support®, a premier technical support offering for the ANSYS Inc. suite of CAE software. The motto for the SimuTech Support is

Make our customer successful.



Our support philosophy goes well beyond simply answering a customer’s technical question. Our goal is:

  1. Fully understand the customer’s issue
  2. How it relates to the problem at hand
  3. Ultimately how to best apply the related ANSYS features and technology

Our technical support agents consist of industry experts that are experienced ANSYS users in our consulting organization, and hence are familiar with both the practical and theoretical aspects of applying the software to real world problems.

Each of our offices across North America is staffed with a focus on proficient technical representation. Included are technical specialists, staff who have focused on particular industries and physics in their career (e.g. advanced structural non-linear methods, multi-phase CFD process modeling, or simulation of explosions with explicit code) that can be easily leveraged across the entire SimuTech Group should the need arise. In addition SimuTech Group has developed strong ties with the ANSYS internal technical team from decades of interaction. This access is crucial for situations where access to developers and reporting of software bugs is required (unfortunately these do sometimes occur).

In addition to calling in directly for technical support, SimuTech offers the capability to e-mail requests via dedicated support e-mail system.  Requests are automatically logged into our ticket support tracking software which is constantly monitored via local representatives. This ensures that the request is allocated both quickly and to an appropriate resource.

Regardless of how you contact us, development of strong local ties with our customers is of utmost importance to provide familiarity, reliability, and dependability. Should your organization require more specific or custom support resources, simply contact us to see how SimuTech Support can help.

Please note that SimuTech Support is NOT a replacement for:

  1. Adequate Training: It is assumed that the user has taken appropriate training for his intended job function. This is critical for proper communication and resolutions of technical issues.
  2. ANSYS Electronic Help Manuals: The ANSYS software has an extensive help system for all its products. Users should reference this often and research any issues prior to contacting technical support.ANSYS Help System
  3. ANSYS Customer Portal: All actively licensed ANSYS users have access to the ANSYS Customer Portal. There is extensive information and examples available here, often quickly leading to issue resolution.
  4. Test Cases: Users should always create simple test models to verify software features and functionality. If correct answers cannot be obtained with a simple model, often times it is an issue of implementation. It is much easier to work with and debug simple test case models. If problem cannot be resolved, then it is easier to send a demo model into SimuTech SupportTM, than a potential confidential file.

Other issues that SimuTech Support does not include are:

  1. Debugging of custom macros / coding.
  2. Debugging of large/complex nonlinear models.
  3. Support for ACT extensions is not covered by standard TECS (unless written by SimuTech Group). Please refer to the click wrap agreement for ACT Extensions downloaded from the ANSYS Customer Portal.
  4. Integration with 3rd party software.
  5. Unsupported hardware and/or OS configurations

Oftentimes mentoring or training is required to develop a user’s expertise to the desired proficiency level. Your local SimuTech Group office is available to provide these services, at our site or on yours. We will work with your company to develop a training program suited to your specific analytical needs.

Simply contact us to see how SimuTech Group can help.

SimuTech Support is a registered service mark of SimuTech Group.