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Gap Assessment

Gap Assessment


SimuTech Group offers a GAP Assessment to companies using engineering simulation tools.  As experts in the usage and implementation of engineering simulation tools, SimuTech is uniquely qualified to assess how companies are using engineering simulation tools and provide the appropriate solutions.


GAP Assessments are designed to assess and address “GAPS” related to:

  • Processes
  • Skills
  • Software
  • Hardware

The ultimate purpose of the GAP Assessment is to improve productivity and/or other customer driven goal(s).

 Why GAP Assessment?

  • Rate of change in simulation technology is becoming exponential.
  • Major software release on an annual basis resulting in a new tool that must be studied.
  • Difficult in staying current with the latest features and processes.
  • GAP between what an analyst is trained to do and what the software and hardware is capable of doing, is growing at an accelerated rate as well.

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