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ANSYS 17.0: Excellence Times Ten

ANSYS R17.0 IconsANSYS 17.0 was developed with one vision in mind: to improve your engineering simulation experience and product development outcomes by a factor of 10, or 10x. Giving your design process 10 times the performance, 10 times the insight and 10 times the productivity — across all physics and simulation categories — will enable you to get your new products to market that much faster, with that much savings. This order-of-magnitude advantage in innovation, time-to-market, operational efficiency and product quality will leave your competitors far behind.

ANSYS AIM 17.0: Streamlining Simulations for Every Engineer

ANSYS R17.0 - Multiphysics ANSYS AIMANSYS AIM 17.0 fully integrates geometry modeling and preparation with the evaluation of design alternatives to further enhance its ability to solve the challenges faced by design engineers. AIM 17.0 also  provides realistic materials rendering to give you the insight you need from your simulations to have full confidence in your designs.  

Get FEA Insight 10X Faster Using ANSYS Mechanical with ANSYS HPC

ANSYS R17.0 FEA Insight 10X HPCANSYS Mechanical 17.0 gives you greater insight into your product designs. Its improved solver performance enables you to model your product designs faster with more simulations in the same length of time. And with a 10x increase in computing core counts, you can solve demanding structural simulations faster and with greater detail.

Better, Faster CFD in ANSYS 17.0

ANSYS R17.0 CFDANSYS computational fluid dynamics (CFD) delivers solutions faster so that engineers and designers can make better decisions sooner in the design cycle. Innovations across the entire workflow — including modeling, meshing, user environment design, high performance computing and post processing — combine to radically accelerate the time to results without compromising accuracy.   

10x Simulation Advancements for Turbomachinery in ANSYS 17.0

ANSYS R17.0 release CFD TurbomachineryANSYS delivers more accurate results with higher levels of engineering productivity so that you can maximize your turbomachinery's performance and efficiency.  ANSYS 17.0 includes 10 advances to computational fluid dynamics (CFD), mechanical and systems simulation software that deliver new technologies and enhancements across the turbomachinery spectrum.  

10x Faster Transient Electromagnetic Field Simulation

ANSYS R17.0 Electromagnetic HPCThe new Time Decomposition Method for ANSYS Maxwell delivers game changing computational capacity and speed for full transient electromagnetic field simulation. This patent pending technology allows you to solve all time steps simultaneously instead of sequentially, while distributing the time steps across multiple cores, networked computers and compute clusters. The result is a phenomenal increase in simulation capacity and unprecedented simulation speed.