Simulation Process & Data Management

ANSYS EKMAs businesses try to maximize shareholder value in today's complex and competitive global environment by increasing product innovation, shortening development cycles, and  reducing costs to capture mind and market share, realistic simulation is a key driving force behind new product development. However, the ever-increasing complexity in the product development process and the explosion of data calls for effective ways to manage the simulation IP to leverage the value of simulation.

ANSYS EKM is the most comprehensive and intuitive end-to-end support system designed with special focus on the scale, scope, and purpose of CAE. It provides a comprehensive solution for simulation-based process and data management challenges. The solution delivers benefits to all levels of an enterprise, from the individual engineer interested in spending less time handling data and more time focusing on true engineering efforts, to the entire organization looking for increased productivity in the complete scope of simulation activities. It enables the enterprise to address the many critical issues associated with simulation data, including backup and archival, traceability and audit trail, process automation, collaboration and capture of engineering expertise, and IP protection.

ANSYS EKM is tightly integrated with other ANSYS simulation offerings, and it can be very easily integrated with other simulation codes, including legacy and other commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software.

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There are two versions of ANSYS EKM:

ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager Individual

ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) Individual software is integrated within the ANSYS Workbench environment and facilitates managing simulation data from multiple ANSYS Workbench projects. This setup type allows an EKM server to be set up for an individual user on their own machine. In this single-user mode, you can access your private repository on your own server, as well as have access to the full capabilities of EKM.

With ANSYS EKM Individual you can add files from any project to a virtual repository from your local machine, mapped drive or external data storage device. Simulation properties and other metadata are automatically extracted (or created) from files when added and users can tag files with unique identifiers at any time. These attributes can all be used to search and retrieve files based on keywords or complex search criteria. Reports can be generated that compare simulation property similarities and differences between multiple files, as well as provide result summaries.

ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager Shared

ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) Shared server software allows an EKM server to be set up on a shared device that can be accessed by multiple users in a collaborative mode. Multiple users can access a shared repository in their LAN (local area network) or across a WAN (wide area network).

A shared advanced EKM server can be configured in the topology that best meets your organization’s needs. In addition to accessing shared repositories, users accessing a shared server also have access to the full capabilities of EKM.