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Explicit Dynamics Consulting Services

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SimuTech Group offers a complete range of Explicit Dynamic consulting services to drive products from concept to reality.

Our explicit dynamic consultants have considerable experience with the world's best tools such as ANSYS STR, ANSYS LS-DYNA and ANSYS AUTODYN.

Our explicit dynamic consultants are also highly experienced in a variety of industries and applications including nuclear containment blasts, drop test of electronic components, automotive crashes, rotating equipment failures, bird strikes in aerospace applications and wave induced stresses in marine applications.

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Explicit Dynamics Meshed Truck
A complete hex meshed truck body model for crash test worthiness analysis

SimuTech Group explicit dynamic engineers have worked on a wide variety of projects for various industries ranging from consumer products to nuclear and power industry.  Our explicit dynamics consultants have worked with a broad range of simulation applications, including projects that encompass events occurring during short time durations (ms, µs, ns), applications subject to high deformations, large strains, or fracture, and applications subject to complete material failure.  Our consultants use intensive meshing and timing techniques to achieve maximum accuracy in results ranging from how well a hand-held electronic device will withstand a drop (drop test simulation) to how badly crashing into a median will damage a truck (crash test simulation).

Relevant Simulation Projects

  • Crash test of a pick-up turck
  • Drop test of a cell phone (multiple orientations)
  • Drop test of a hand held scanner
  • Crash test of a large ship container
  • Dynamic loading on a plastic boat
  • Bird-strike analysis


Blast Chamber Widmer Boat Les Plastiques Majoly 3 Cell Phone Drop Test 
Blast Chamber Plastic Boat Automotive Crash Test  Cell Phone Drop Test


Explicit Dynamics Expertise Includes

  • High quality HEX and/or QUAD meshes
  • Contact selection & settings
  • Element selection
  • Material modeling
  • Fluid Structure Interaction