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CFD Consulting Services

Toyota Prius CFD Model - SmallSimuTech Group offers a complete range of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting services including laminar, turbulent, steady-state, transient, mixing, combustion and conjugate heat transfer analyses.

Our CFD engineering consultants have considerable experience with the world's best CFD tools such as ANSYS Multiphysics, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS CFX, and ANSYS Icepak.

Our CFD engineering consultants are also highly experienced in a variety of industrial applications including biomedical devices, electronic cooling, underhood automotive, aircraft and automotive cabins, chemical mixing tanks, waste water management, residential and commercial HVAC, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and wind loads on buildings and oil tanks.

For over 25 years, our CFD consultants have successfully completed a number of projects for a wide range of appreciative clients.  Feel free to see what a few of our 1,700+ clients have told us in our customer testimonials.

On CFD projects, clients work directly with our CFD consultant(s) throughout the entire life of the project.  This helps ensure that CFD projects are properly managed and completed in a timely and cost effective manner

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Complex ducting system for
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Flow patterns in a
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HVAC issues of an existing
residential building

CFD Consulting Capabilities & Expertise

Multiphase Flow Combustion
Rotating Machinery Non-Newtonian Fluid Models
Heat Transfer Free form flow path optimization
Porous Media Aero-elasticity and high-Mach
Radiation Moving Mesh, Morphing Mesh
Incompressible & compressible fluid flow Steady-state & transient flows
Laminar & turbulent flows, transition turbulence modeling Supercomputing with MPICH2, MSMPI, and HPMPI on our cluster
Design Optimization Studies for various flow path profiles.
(parametric and non-parametric)
Mesh Generation Services using the best in class CFD meshing software

Industries Served

For over 25 years, SimuTech Group has provided design optimization and engineering analysis services for the following industries:

Aerospace HVAC & Refrigeration
Automotive Industrial equipment
Chemical Processing Marine
Civil Engineering MEMS
Consumer Products Medical / Biomedical devices
Educational Power generation
Electronics Semiconductor
Environmental Telecommunications
Government / Defense Turbomachinery

Recent SimuTech CFD Consulting Projects

  • Supersonic design study of various wing profiles, various angle of attacks, and altitude (Aerospace Consulting)
  • Transient multiphase, multiple frame of reference (MFR) mixing study that varies the geometry of the rotating impeller to track pH of fluid (Pharmaceutical Consulting)
  • Vortex height from high speed mixing impeller (Pharmaceutical Consulting)
  • Thrust and flow analysis of space shuttle rocket engine with steering from eccentric drag caused by variable chamber impingement (Aerospace Consulting)
  • Natural & forced convection analyses to evaluate the thermal performance of chips in electronic enclosures (Electronics Consulting)
  • Free surface models of pharmaceutical vortex height mixing tanks (Chemical Consulting)
  • Semiconductor Spin Coating: transient thickness vs radius for various wafer sizes as well as RPMs. (Semiconductor - Electronics Consulting)
  • CVD - Chemical Vapor Deposition: chamber modeling for deposition uniformity, thickness, and optimization to improve yields and decrease processing time. (Semiconductor - Electronics Consulting)
  • Multi-phase particle tracking/transport studies on particulate contamination (Industrial Products)
  • Phase change, multiphase, Bingham plastic mixing model, transient steam mixing problem modeling nuclear sludge heating (Nuclear Consulting)
  • Blast chamber design and analysis with Fluid-Structure Interation and detonation
  • Pressure and temperature distributions in various cardiac and Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD) (Medical Consulting)
  • Spin-coating high-speed discs with viscous liquids (Electronics Industry)
  • Inkjet droplet formation. At the millisecond level, a piezioelectric-driven membrane drives the fluid formation that accurately models all surface tension and inertia effects
  • High speed paper movement across tracking device for manufacturing (Industrial Products)
  • Transient natural convection heat transfer inside MEMS device (Electronics Consulting)
  • HVAC CFD simulation for optimal residential natural convection in coastal California
  • Fluid-structure interaction of fabric moving across copier/printer, fully coupled, with non-linear structural materials