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SimuTech Group provides a complete range of engineering simulation services for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Explicit Dynamics, and Plastic Injection to drive product designs from concept to reality.


FEA Consulting Services

hatch 2SimuTech Group offers a complete range of finite element analysis (FEA) consulting services including structural, thermal and fluid structure interface (FSI) analyses.

Our FEA consultants have considerable experience with the world's best FEA tools such as ANSYS Multiphysics, ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS LS-DYNA, and ANSYS nCode DesignLife.

Our FEA consultants are also highly experienced in a variety of industries including power generation, biomedical, chemical equipment, electronics, oil & gas, nuclear, turbomachinery, automotive, and aerospace.

CFD Consulting Services

Toyota Prius CFD Model - SmallSimuTech Group offers a complete range of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting services including laminar, turbulent, steady-state, transient, mixing, combustion and conjugate heat transfer analyses.

Our CFD consultants have considerable experience with the world's best CFD tools such as ANSYS Multiphysics, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS CFX, and ANSYS Icepak.

Our CFD consultants are also highly experienced in a variety of industrial applications including biomedical devices, electronic cooling, underhood automotive, aircraft and automotive cabins, chemical mixing tanks, waste water management, residential and commercial HVAC, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and wind loads on buildings and oil tanks.

Explicit Dynamics Consulting Services

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SimuTech Group offers a complete range of Explicit Dynamic consulting services to drive products from concept to reality.

Our explicit dynamic consultants have considerable experience with the world's best tools such as ANSYS STR, ANSYS LS-DYNA and ANSYS AUTODYN.

Our explicit dynamic consultants are also highly experienced in a variety of industries and applications including nuclear containment blasts, drop test of electronic components, automotive crashes, rotating equipment failures, bird strikes in aerospace applications and wave induced stresses in marine applications.

SimuCloud - FEA & CFD Cloud Computing

SimuTech Group now offers SimuCloud® on-demand access to unlimited, public cloud-computing servers for FEA and CFD simulations:

256-bit encryption 16-core Sandy Bridge
Graphical remote access 10GBit interconnect
HPC (High Performance Computing) SSD (Solid State Drive)
60GB RAM Buy from us or bring your own license

Remaining Life Assessment

Remaining Life Assessment


SimuTech Group has more than 25+ years of experience in investigation, testing, analysis and software development in the evaluation of remaining life in the automotive, power/utility, transportation, industrial and aerospace industries.

Failure Analysis Consulting Services

failureFailure analysis requires a broad and comprehensive understanding of the many different failure modes that exist for any given system. Frequently two or more modes contribute to a component failure.  The SimuTech Group has extensive, first hand experience in failure analysis for industrial and commercial equipment, turbomachinery and structural components for a wide range of applications.

Forensic Engineering and Expert Witnesses for Attorneys and Legal Teams

LitigationWhen you need experienced forensic engineers to find the cause or fault of an accident or product failure, the team at SimuTech is here to help. With more than 25 years spent as a trusted leader in the field of engineering simulation and physical testing, we have the tools and expertise to find the underlying issues behind accidents, product failures, and other design flaws when a trial seems inevitable.

SimuTech's system for replicating events is based upon our engineering expertise combined with physical testing and cutting-edge computer modeling software, which we can use to accurately simulate dozens of factors, such as operating and catastrophic loads, temperature fluctuations, and even the movement of fluids such as air and water. That makes us the perfect choice to investigate or testify in cases that involve vehicles, equipment, spills, or structures.